Dirty Word — drabble

Microfiction Monday #158 (2022)

“Keep your eyes on that door,” Jim says.

Freddie, his new partner, looks green and nervous.

“First time?” Jim asks and bites down on a hotdog.

Blood, Sweat, and Tears — drabble

Microfiction Monday #156 (2022)

Gym-Bunny-Gill posts a picture of her butt on the internet. The caption says it took blood, sweat, and tears to get this look, but hard work always pays off.

Finders Keepers — drabble

Friday Flash Fiction (2022)

After dreaming of you in a field of purple crocuses, I awoke feeling something was missing. Only in the heat of the day’s labours, as the sun plucked its final strings, did I notice the absence of my pulse.

Thirtysomethingella — flash/satire

Blog (2022)

The Fairy Godmother waved her curling wand, turning Thirtysomethingella’s limp strands into passable locks. “Have fun at the ball, deary, but don’t forget to be home by midnight.”


Don’t Love You — Drabble

Five Minutes (2022)

“Mommy, I don’t love you.” My two-year-old stands in the bathtub, smudging foam onto her belly. I hold the shower head, and soapy rivulets stream into the whirlpool of the drain.

Airborne Hell — Drabble

Five Minutes (2023)



The Price of Quiet — poem

Natural Parent Magazine (2022)

“Nobody pays a price for quiet like mothers do …”