Falling Upwards — short story

Etherea Magazine #10 (2022)

“Alice crouched behind a rosebush, ready to strike. Years of training, hordes of slain enemies, every obstacle and every victory brought her a step closer to this day. For only she could save Wonderland …”

Windy Wellington — short story

Aftermath: Stories of Survival in Aotearoa New Zealand (a SpecFicNZ anthology, 2022)

“Mum used to say nothing beats Wellington on a good day. I can’t disagree as my shoes thump on the paved waterfront while the sunrise bleeds pink over the crescent-shaped harbour and the hump of Somes Island…”

Finders Keepers — drabble

Friday Flash Fiction (2022)

After dreaming of you in a field of purple crocuses, I awoke feeling something was missing. Only in the heat of the day’s labours, as the sun plucked its final strings, did I notice the absence of my pulse.


What She Wasn’t — poem

Issue 78, Leading Edge Magazine (2021)

“Her eyes contain the stormy sea,
Its salty waters overflow,
But in the night her soul roams free
And leaves its paw-prints in the snow …”

The Price of Quiet — poem

Natural Parent Magazine (2022)

“Nobody pays a price for quiet like mothers do …”